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Cleaning up the detergents industry by sustainable development

Bio-based surfactants, ethical labels, and green formulations will be featured in the fourth edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit. Hosted in Paris on 8-9th November, the executive summit will discuss approaches to reduce impacts of detergents & cleaning products by adopting green materials and / or sustainability schemes. Click here for the detailed summit agenda.

What developments are occurring in bio-based surfactants? What sustainability schemes and standards are most applicable to detergents & home care products? How can cleaning product firms reduce their impacts by using green ingredients? How can brands close their packaging loops? Such questions will be addressed in a high-level forum. More details.

Organised by Ecovia Intelligence, the aim of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit is to advance sustainability in the cleaning products industry by debating key issues in a high-level forum. The summit will be hosted alongside the ninth European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit (6-8th November).

Previous Summit: Watch the video!

Green line

previous European edition of the Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit was hosted in Paris on 26-27th October 2016. The summit highlighted major sustainability shortcomings in the detergents & cleaning products industry, with discussions covering sustainability metrics, green ingredients, sustainable packaging, and consumer impacts. View the summit pics here.


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